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CFO Services for Law Firms

As law firm owners navigate the complexities of growth and financial management, the need for strategic financial oversight becomes increasingly critical. For many law firm owners it will become important to collaborate with a professional when making strategic financial decisions.

A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) can be the person who helps you look forward with your finances and achieve your growth goals. At a fraction of the cost you can hire a fractional CFO that can provide the same type of financial analysis as a full time CFO.

A Fractional CFO is Forward Thinking, Helping You Plan for the Future of Your Firm

We do this using several tools including;

  1. Budgeting
  2. Cash flow forecast
  3. Goal setting
  4. Analysis of services offered
  5. Analysis of wages and productivity
  6. Analysis of marketing spend

Once a law firm surpasses $750,000.00 in annual revenue, financial decisions become more complex for the law firm owner. At the same time the law firm owner is managing other aspects of the firm. This includes increasing marketing and hiring more team members to help handle the growth.

For law firms with growth goals, having a strategic financial leader becomes important to hitting those growth goals. A Fractional CFO can provide the strategic planning and financial analysis necessary to achieve these goals.

They bring to the table the ability to craft and implement growth strategies through a financial lens, ensuring that every decision is aligned with the firm’s long-term vision and financial health.

Sometimes your growth goals will require you to get outside your financial comfort zone. A Fractional CFO can be the person to encourage you to spend money when needed to reach your goals. At the same time they can also give feedback for more cost effective spending.

For law firm owners looking to navigate the complexities of growth and financial management, a Fractional CFO can give insight and clarity for strategic financial decisions.

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Fractional CFO services can be done on a monthly or quarterly basis depending on your specific goals.

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Leah N. Miller, MBA

Written By Leah N. Miller, MBA

Founder & CEO

My name is Leah N. Miller, MBA, founder and CEO of Firmly Profits. Starting as a paralegal, I worked my way up to become a firm administrator and CFO of a personal injury law firm in Fort Myers, Florida.

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