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Trust Accounting
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Trust Accounting for Law Firms

Trust accounting is a crucial aspect of owning a law firm. It involves the proper management of client funds that are held in trust, separate from the law firm’s operational accounts. These funds can include retainers, settlement proceeds, and other client monies that have not yet been earned.

Proper trust accounting is not only a legal requirement but also a vital part of maintaining client trust and confidence. Mishandling of client funds can lead to severe penalties, including disbarment, and can significantly damage a firm’s reputation. By adhering to trust accounting regulations, law firms demonstrate their commitment to ethical practices and client satisfaction.

At Firmly Profits we are experts in law firm trust accounting, with over 10 years experience handling law firm trust accounts. We have taken many courses regarding trust accounting and the rules required when maintaining a trust account. We understand the complexities of trust accounting in law firms.

We Provide the Follow Trust Accounting Services

  1. Customized Trust Accounting Services: Tailored to meet the specific needs of your law firm, ensuring accurate and compliant management of client funds. This includes a three way reconciliation of the trust account monthly.
  2. Set up: We can set up client ledgers and trust accounting in Quickbooks Online.
  3. Ongoing Support and Training: Helping your staff stay informed and proficient in trust accounting practices.

Benefits of Proper Monthly Trust Accounting

  1. Legal Compliance: Adhering to trust accounting regulations prevents legal issues and ensures the firm operates within the law.
  2. Client Confidence: Proper management of client funds builds trust and enhances the firm’s reputation for integrity and reliability.
  3. Financial Accuracy: Regular reconciliation and accurate record-keeping provide a clear financial picture, aiding in better decision-making and financial planning.
  4. Risk Management: Identifying discrepancies early through regular audits and reconciliations helps mitigate risks associated with mishandling client funds.
Leah N. Miller, MBA

Written By Leah N. Miller, MBA

Founder & CEO

My name is Leah N. Miller, MBA, founder and CEO of Firmly Profits. Starting as a paralegal, I worked my way up to become a firm administrator and CFO of a personal injury law firm in Fort Myers, Florida.

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